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How long had it been since Megatron had died in that explosion? Days? Months? Years? Soundwave remembered how the next day had been after that. And the next. And yet the next one. His slowly growing, stubborn refusal to listen to Starscream, his continued searches for his Lord’s corpse out there in the rubble, hunting for his life signal, just a fragment of him. At first Starscream allowed the searches. Until they started cutting into time better spent hunting for Autobots. His orders to do shorter searches, weaker scans, fell on deaf audials. Soundwave would not be denied this, his Lord, if indeed dead, deserved that final dignity of a proper burial, a place to rest instead of floating out in space for the rest of eternity. Soundwave ignored each order, every demand that he focus on the task at hand, until things finally came to a head.

He had no idea how the seeker had managed to rally that many eradicons behind him. The introduction of the medic Knock Out and his cohort, Breakdown, was unexpected. He was outnumbered. The order was given to cease all searches for Megatron, lest it be seen as treason to the cause. He had to choose between Megatron, or Starscream.

Soundwave never had a choice to begin with.

By the time they finally managed to subdue the former gladiator, he’d ripped apart countless eradicons, his armor stained blue, his blade notched and gory. Laserbeak had almost been shot out of the sky and ripped to shreds, but Soundwave gave the simbiote an order: Flee. There had to be mechs out there in the universe still loyal to only Megatron, and if Soundwave himself could not find them, than Laserbeak surely would. The bird managed to escape, leaving Soundwave pinned beneath more eradicons than he could count. It took so many to just keep those long, thin limbs down that they eventually had to just wrench them out of their sockets, leaving them dangling, sparking and useless. That wasn’t nearly as painful as having the tentacles removed.

Those were primary sense organs. Using them for combat might have been foolish, but when they were strong enough to crack concrete, who was he to deny their use? No one on the ship had a blade like he or Megatron. Each tentacle had to be painstakingly sawed off with Knock Out’s buzzsaw. Soundwave didn’t let a single noise escape him, mutely bleeding onto the floor of the Nemesis as eradicons hurried to dispose of the tentacles. Even if they were lifeless, they still feared them, as if they had the ability to reattach to Soundwave’s frame.

Knock Out might have been better at wrecking than fixing, but he managed to seal the two gaping holes where the tentacles were. Well enough to keep the former TiC from bleeding out. From the bridge, his bridge, he was dragged down to the brig, locked up and bound until Starscream could think of something to do with him.

And there he waited, trying to hack through the new security the ship had. He needed some control, any control at all would do. He could still communicate with Laserbeak, and did so in silence, updating the drone on his condition and what had transpired. Giving it every ounce of information it might need to sway someone to his side. He needed sympathizers, he knew they were out there... Somewhere.

The sound of heels clicking in the hall finally dragged him out of his conversation, visor alight with information and data as the door to the cell slid open. Starscream stook, silhouetted in the doorframe, talons clasped behind him. He didn’t look amused. Soundwave, after all, had been useful to the cause, no one was like him in the entire galaxy. Capable of listening to every signal on the planet, he could pinpoint any conversation about an Autobot and hone in on it without effort. Damaging the former Communications Chief was not desired.

But Starscream wasn’t about to let the chance of glory slip through his skinny fingers. Soundwave stood between himself and true leadership. Had not Megatron taught him this lesson over and over again in the past? Perhaps Soundwave would be a better listener than he was.

The door slip closed, and a thin, flickering, wane light flicked on in the cell.

“Soundwave... I’m very disappointed in you.” He began, starting to pace slowly in the cell. Soundwave watched him without comment, motionless and without feeling. A living corpse. “We make a formidable team together. If you’d just listen to me. Why is asking for your Primus be damned respect so very difficult for you?” The seeker paused a few feet away from Soundwave’s restrained and limp form, reaching out to hook a claw under his chin. With something so sharp pressed that close to vital energon lines, Soundwave knew better than to struggle.

“You will get it through that thick helm of yours. One way or another, Soundwave. I am your master now. You answer to me.” A sharpened thumb pressed against the dark glass of Soundwave’s visor. It wasn’t hard to break it. The visor cracked, and a deep, static laden hiss slithered sharply out of Soundwave’s vocalizer as he tried to jerk his head away. Too little too late, the glass shattered, Soundwave instinctively going to try and sink his denta into Starscream’s fingers. The jet yelped and yanked his hand away just in the nick of time, taking a long moment to look over Soundwave’s exposed face.

It was elegant, sleek. Nothing about it betrayed his true age, with sharp, almond shaped purple optics and a thin, small and severe mouth. What was fascinating was... well the designs. At some point, long in the past, Soundwave had been without a visor. The elaborate etchings over his face spoke of a younger time, a wilder one. Old Cybertronian circled his optics, forming wings off to the side. Lines around the mouth spoke of silence, while the glyphs around his optics boasted of sharp, armor piercing sight. His brow was decorated in symbols of intelligence, his face was a beautiful work of old art.

‘It will be a shame to stain it’, Starscream thought to himself, tracing over the lines as Soundwave began to vibrate with contained rage. Only now did a sickening smile spread across Starscream’s face plates, caressing the side of Soundwave’s helm.

“There there, Soundwave. If this session goes well, you’ll get an entirely new visor. I won’t even mention your behavior again-” He was cut off as Soundwave lashed out, finally managing to bite down hard on Starscream’s index finger. The seeker shrieked, fighting to get that digit back as Soundwave threatened to chew it right off. Eventually, Starscream was forced to strike that face, three times in a row before Soundwave let go, dazed from the direct hits to the helm.

“You insane, brutish muted little-” His anger only got worse as Soundwave’s laughter filled the room, the former gladiator lapping the energon off his lips, silently daring Starscream to lay a hand on him again. “So that’s how you want to play, is it? Don’t say I didn’t try to be reasonable with you, Soundwave.” And with that, he called in for some eradicons. He’d need some chains and a pair of stasis cuffs. Soundwave was going for a walk.

By the time they made it down there to his cell, he’d already guessed he wasn’t going to stay in there. He kicked out violently as he was surrounded, forced to the floor. He could barely hold his weight on his dislocated arms, but they weren’t about to let him back up, winding a length of chain around the former officer’s neck. They worked quickly, trying not to let any of their fingers get caught up in Soundwave’s mouth. They scattered as soon as their job was done, and the first thing Soundwave did was attempt to stand. Starscream was there in a nanoklik, slamming one foot down into the center of the spy’s back. With his arms in their condition, he could hardly resist. He hit the floor, the display of complete disrespect finally managing to coax an enraged roar from the downed officer.

“You, Soundwave, will not walk to the bridge. You will crawl there!” Starscream ground his heel into Soundwave’s back, the drone plane snarling and writhing in an effort to get out from under his foot. The eradicons nervously milled about a few feet away, just out of attack range, watching their new lord attempt to demean their former officer. Soundwave eventually spat oral lubricant.

“Never.” His voice, dark, powerful and full of violence, was enough to rattle the glass on Starscream’s cockpit. The jet faltered, his breath hitching, before he slammed his foot down again, this time pressing the heel into the back of Soundwave’s helm.

“You will crawl or you will be dragged, Soundwave!” This ultimatum did nothing. Soundwave refused to budge. So Starscream yanked the chain around his neck, before handing it off to the eradicons. He’d need all of them to budge the offending spy. Soundwave wasn’t a heavy mech, but he’d fight the whole way. “You heard me.” He snapped, before storming off for the bridge. Trading looks between themselves, the eradicons eventually moved to the very end of the chain, and started to drag.

It was a long, painful process. Soundwave struggled the entire way to the bridge. Thin fingers dug deep grooves into the metal, more than once did he try to jerk the chain out of their hands, never actually uttering a word the entire time. He sounded like a beast through, growling, hissing and spitting the whole way there. Not a single soldier dared get close, convinced the ex-gladiator would tear them apart with his denta alone. By the time they reached the bridge, Soundwave had not lost a shred of energy, but the eradicons that pulled him up there were exhausted. Starscream was waiting, tapping his foot impatiently against the ground. All the troops were there, staring at the scene, too scared to actually approach the wounded spy. All of them remembered the fight with him a little too well. None of them wanted to be shredded. Starscream ordered a flier up to the bridge, before jamming another chain into his hands and tossing a pair of specially fit stasis cuffs towards an eradicon.

“Bind him.” Both of them looked petrified. The unfortunate mech with the cuffs lingered a few feet out of range, fussing with the restraints in his hands. How was he going to get these on him? The first few attempts were aborted, Soundwave was too quick and lashed out with one of his damaged arms, ignoring the sound of shrieking metal. It took three times before the eradicon simply flung himself at the downed officer, forcing the injured arms back painfully. He rode out Soundwave’s attempts to buck him, swearing as he finally managed to clasp the cuffs around his skinny wrists and hold those long arms behind his back. With his help, the flier managed to loop the chain around the cuffs a few times, before heading for the ceiling with his end of the chain. Soundwave was easily strung up, forced to stand and then bend over as his arms were yanked up behind him higher and higher. Aft in the air, he trembled with pain and rage, as Starscream circled him on the bridge.

“You could have very easily avoided this, Soundwave. If you had any shred of self preservation, you could have been back doing your usual duties. But instead, you chose to fight me. And what kind of leader would I be if I let that go unchallenged?” He paused behind Soundwave, before reaching forward. Sharp claws found his interface panel, and Soundwave froze. Methodically, intimately, Starscream rubbed at the thin metal over his array, tsking gently. “You force my hand. I wish there was some way around this, Soundwave but you have left me with no choice.” Soundwave clamped down on his glossa, and Starscream dug his talons into the panel. Soundwave’s armor was thin and stripped, it was easy for Starscream to yank that panel clean off, getting a good look at the array beneath.

No spike. Soundwave was entirely a valve mech. Starscream’s expression turned to an unpleasant smile. “You’re very arrogant for someone so low, don’t you think, Soundwave? My my, not even a spike there. I’m sure Megatron was kept very happy with you.” The response to that was an enraged shout, the spy twisting in his bonds. Starscream let him fight for a moment, tracing the outer line of his valve, before casually sinking a finger right into the dry port. Soundwave’s anger was cut off in a sharp gasp, and Starscream snickered, working at the port and pressing in deeper and deeper until-

He hit a barrier. ... He paused. There was still a seal in there. Soundwave still had his seal. “Oh... Well isn’t this special? Our former Communications Chief still has his seal.” There was a murmur among the collected mass there. Soundwave had never shared a berth with someone? They were sure, considering his closeness to Megatron, that he’d at least been with him. Starscream didn’t dare break it, just stuffed the tight valve with a second finger. “I’m going to enjoy this, Soundwave. I’ve never had the pleasure of breaking someone’s seal before.” Soundwave hissed, trying to jerk his hips away as his biology betrayed him. Soon, Starscream had three fingers snugly inside, lubricant starting to drip from the aroused, hot little valve. “I think I’ve serviced you enough, don’t you agree, Soundwave?” The sharp talons slipped out, and something thicker and longer pressed against him. Soundwave vented once, deeply, sharply-

Before Starscream buried himself to the hilt, snapping that seal with one thrust. The violence of the motion forced a sharp, gagged sound from Soundwave, optics bright and wide with shock as Starscream remained motionless for a moment, savoring the sensation of tight virgin mesh working around his spike. “Mnn... You’re so hot, Soundwave. So tight. Like you were made for this.” Starscream slowly pulled out, and then pressed back in again, letting Soundwave feel every single inch of his spike as he drew it out almost to the head, and then slammed it back in. Every time Soundwave almost pulled himself back up, Starscream would force him down again with another thrust. It was slow, agonizing, and eventually the new Lord of the Decepticons couldn’t bear to keep such a slow pace up. He started to jerk his hips faster, harder into the unwilling body in front of him, grinning sharply as Soundwave struggled now to keep silent.

“Does it hurt, Soundwave? I can hear you trying to whimper. Is it agony? Your sopping wet valve is telling me another story, you stubborn little pleasurebot.” He slammed in hard again, grinding into sensitive nodes before reaching down to feel around the rim of Soundwave’s valve. Finding the foremost node, he scraped his thumb along it, and an electrical shock shot straight through Soundwave’s form. He almost cried out, but instead vented again, knees buckling under the intense sensations. “You wanted this, remember? You may as well have begged me for it. Filthy thing, open and dripping in front of the whole army. I can feel your valve drawing me in, you want me to overload in you.” Of all the times for Soundwave to wish Starscream to shut up, now was that time. He bit down on his glossa until oral lubricant and energon dripped down his chin, knees threatening to give out from under him.

“Maybe this will be your new use? How do you like being a spike warmer, Soundwave?” Starscream could only go on so much longer. He was no Megatron after all, and while the warlord could have easily held his own for a while, Starscream’s stamina was only so good. With his claws biting into Soundwave’s hips, he slammed into him three more times, scraping at the outside of his valve in an attempt to force him to overload. Soundwave ground his denta until he was sure one of them would break, before Starscream exploded inside him. The hot transfluid flooding his valve was enough to force his own overload, and lubricant and transfluid dripped messily onto the floor. With a sigh, Starscream withdrew from the stretched valve, casually wiping a bit of transfluid off of his spike. Soundwave sagged in the chains, trying not to pant in an effort to cool his systems down. He expected, after that, to be dragged back to his cell to await another punishment. He did not expect soldiers to start gathering around him. Starscream had backed off, heading for the door.

“Enjoy.” That single word sent a cold chill through Soundwave, the murmuring starting to grow as the soldiers, no longer as fearful as they were before, gathered around Soundwave’s limp and overheated frame. Starscream had used him, and if someone like Starscream could use Soundwave... An eradicon reached out, testing out the mesh walls of Soundwave’s gaping valve. Soundwave struggled to hiss, but three fingers plunged in instead, and he was caught by surprise, a static laced moan slipping out instead. That caused the eradicon behind him to almost titter nervously.

“I guess he does like it.” The three fingers scissored, and Soundwave writhed, the soldiers closing ranks and becoming bolder. Hands on his aft, on his legs, forcing them wider as the eradicon wiggled in a forth finger. Someone grabbed his head, jerking it up sharply to get a look at him. The mask of a face was broken, genuine panic in those once cold and unfeeling optics. “He’s scared!” Another laugh through the group, the four pistoning fingers buried in his valve scraping down his walls. Soundwave moaned again, and a soldier pinched his aft, murmuring as the lubricant stained his thighs.

“Primus he’s so wet and tight... Think we can fit two in there now-” No no no oh Primus no. Soundwave tried to jerk his hips away, but the eradicon forced them back fussing with the chain holding his arms up. The slackened, but only enough for the soldier to grab Soundwave’s thighs and heft him up. An army was there to help, spreading Soundwave wide as the fingers slipped out of his valve. More came to stretch it wide, massaging at the outer folds. Soundwave was hot, too hot, and under this kind of attention, he wasn’t going to be able to hold out for much longer. With a rumbling moan, he overloaded a second time, and the eradicon in front of him used the lubricant flowing out of his valve to wet his spike. “Fit two huh...” No-

The first spike slammed in, grinding up against raw nodes. He had no time to recover, the eradicon behind him was forcing in his spike, stretching him wide. His whole frame tightened, a dry sob of both pain and intense pleasure forced out of him as the two started up a frantic, erratic pace. Stuffed almost to breaking, the eradicon in front of him pinched and rolled the sensitive nub of a node between his fingers, eliciting more desperate, wanton cries from Soundwave. “He does like it! Frag I can feel him milking me!” Too hot to control his systems, Soundwave was forced to pant, optics offline and shut tightly as twin spikes pistoned in and out of his wet, stretched valve. The one in front hit his peak first, filling Soundwave to bursting with transfluid. The one behind pulled out, and spattered his load across his back. The former officer was dropped, hitting the floor with a loud clatter in a transfluid soaked mess. They weren’t done though.

He had a whole army to get through.

The next one was singular and huge, slamming in and out of his valve as his aft was forced into the air. The eradicon held his head down, using it as leverage as he mercilessly fucked the spy. His third overload overwhelmed him, and he didn’t realize he was moaning Megatron’s name until someone approached his open, panting mouth.

“Can’t think of anyone else, can you, drone?” Too tired at this point, he just accepted the spike thrust into his mouth, another eradicon positioning himself behind him. His fifth? Sixth one? He’d lost count already. He gagged on the spike in his mouth, still moaning and crying out around it as the eradicon behind him happily spit roasted the now pliant and broken officer. “He’s sucking too, fragging whore.”

“He probably thinks you’re Megatron now.”
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