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Another loud, noisy, loud night at the Goldshire tavern, filled to the brim with drinking, singing, table flipping drunks, congregating around tables with flagons of beer or mead. Though most of the nights patrons were human, there were the occasional flickers of other beings. A short, pink haired gnome here, an elegant, finely shaped night elf there. Goldshire attracted all kinds at this time of night, and a weary, thirsty traveler from any corner of the Alliance could find a bed here.

Well, anyone who wanted one. Heavy hoof falls announced a bigger, more exotic patron, and a few glanced to the door expectantly after they identified the sound of rugged, shod hoofs. Draeneis, a newer species to Azeroth, were always an interesting sight in Goldshire. Just hearing them approach was often a spectacle, they were all so tall and powerfully built. The door darkened, and then light caught the bright gold and silver armor of a very, very tall, muscled and armed paladin. He had to duck to get into the bar, and the tips of his horns just barely scraped past, his thick tail whacking the doorframe once and actually managing to take a notch out of it. He was absolutely huge, and built like a draft horse. How else could he carry all that thick, shining armor? Or that massive amethyst hammer clasped to his back. A two handed weapon usually, but with someone like him? He might have been able to swing it with one.

It was a welcome sight though. Mostly because when he came in, the first thing he did was break out in a massive, welcoming, gleeful, if fanged grin. He spread his arms widely, and announced in somewhat broken, heavily accented Common,

“Hello my friends! I come with much gold, and everyone gets one round! Gifts for all of you, a wonderful evening to everyone!” Well if it was loud before, it was a goddamn roar now. He was now, officially, the most popular person in the entire tavern, and he had to swim through an army of cheering, back patting warriors, mages, paladins and shamans to get to the bar wench and pay her for all the drinks. Which he did, handily, with an entire bulging purse of gold. Well, the barwench could tell the paladin had already had a bit to drink, something exceptionally powerful too, if he was so keen to spend his money like this: His face was flushed, and while he didn’t stumble, there was a particular weaving to his gait. He settled at a table packed with other warriors and paladins, and ordered a flagon of mead for himself, prepared to spend the entire night with kindred spirits.

But someone else had heard the loud announcement, and was now fluttering around by the massive draeneis chair. Tall, but not like the blueblood, a mere six foot four in comparison. With pale purple skin and azure hair, he might have cut just as exotic a figure as the draenai. And he was very, very interested in the massive paladin. He casually slipped up behind him, at first attempting to rest his chin on a shoulder. Until he realized he... couldn’t... quite... reach it. Okay no that method of seduction wasn’t going to work, he couldn’t whisper into an ear if he couldn’t get up there and it was considerably less sexy to have to climb a potential date. So, he swept around to the front instead, leaning against the paladin’s arm and trailing thin fingers down the armor. ... It really almost looked like the big guy didn’t even notice he was there, still loudly talking with his fellow paladins. So, the elf eventually cleared his throat loudly. ... Still didn’t notice. Fine then.

“Hey there,” Spoken a little louder than he had to, giving one of the gauntleted hands a squeeze. That finally seemed to get his attention, and glowing blue eyes looked his way, brightening a little. “There you are, handsome. Struck it rich tonight, huh?” It took a moment for the gears to start turning in his already pretty soaked brain, but he at least caught on to the gist of what was going on. Sort of. He nodded eagerly, gesturing towards the entire table of alcohol.

“Yes! It was a very good night, very rewarding. I fought many times and defeated many foes. I come to celebrate! Have you gotten a drink yet?” Okay no he didn’t get it. Well, draenais did have legendarily thick skulls. The elf looked at him flatly, before pressing the issue a little further, reaching out to gently trace a cheek.

“I got one, thanks, big guy. Real sweet of you. So... is what they say about draenais true?” Everyone knew the general rumor about them after all. With great size came... well... great size. Again, answering took a moment, though most of the rest of the table got it at this point, grinning and snickering amongst themselves as slowly, realization dawned on him. Wait what about what they said- oooooh. Oh. Okay no now he got it alright. The blank look was configuring itself into something else now. A little more smug, a little more satisfied. Someone here thought he was handsome, yes. He was handsome, he was really handsome actually. And it had been a very, very long time since he’d last been able to share a bed with someone. He settled back in his chair, making it creak a little under his considerable weight.

“Maybe. I have not heard.” He took a deep swig of his drink, before setting it down with a loud thump. “They say many things about draenai. Many good things, I hear. You think you need proof?” The elf smirked, pressing against the draenai’s arm a bit.

“I might need to check you out a little better, yeah. Hate to think I was being lied to you know.” The elf reached up to tug on one thick black braid, trying to coax the big lug into tilting his head down his way. He complied, and he finally got the chance to whisper into one pointed ear: “I want to see you squirm under me.” Now, that caused the giant to pause... and then break out in loud, hearty, raucous laughter.

“Ah! You have mistaken me my friend! It would not work, I am so sorry!” He could barely speak through his laughter, guffawing and giving the table a good smack. “It would not ever work, you are not the right size! Much too small, too cute! It would work better the other way, yes?” The elf stared at him, and the draenai stared back, grinning from ear to ear with that intensely amused look on his face. Okay... not the reaction he was expecting, but the elf puffed himself up immediately, tugging on the braid again.

“Don’t count me out, big guy. You have no idea what I’m packing. What, you don’t think you can take me?” The table let out a collective ‘ooooooh’, looking back over at the paladin, who calmly picked up his tankard and took another swig from it.

“I do not wish to fall asleep on you. Would be very rude, yes?” The gauntlet had been thrown then. The elf grabbed his arm, attempting to tug the massive tank of a draenai out of his chair.

“In five minutes I could have you screaming-!”

“In laughter?”

“Don’t be a massive prick-”
“Someone has to have one!”

“STOP INTURRUPTING ME.” The table was beside themselves with mirth, the paladin not even budging from his place at the table as he continued to egg on his shorter, shouting companion. It seemed to be a very serious matter for the elf and... well... Well what was the draenai going to lose by agreeing? At most, he’d get a warm body to hug while he slept at night. Finally, he stood, and lifted the arm the elf was so desperately tugging on. He easily hefted him up off the floor, grinning like an asshole the entire time.

“Come, my little friend. We will go and you will make me scream, yes?” The table broke out into laughter again as the elf fixed him with a steely stare.

“You’re not going to walk straight for a week-”

“Malikor.” The elf blinked owlishly.

“Huh?” The draenai slung the elf over his shoulder and stared for the door, apparently he wasn’t planning on using the inn tonight.

“My name is Malikor. So you know what to yell when I go to sleep.” The elf hit his back, and was rewarded by a stinging hand. The answer was a chuckle as he stepped out and headed for where he mount was tied. “What is your name, small friend?”

“Arathin.” The elf muttered, blushing hard from the sound mockery he’d gotten inside. It was a matter of pride now though. This night was not going according to plan at all.

“Ah. It is very nice to meet you, Arathin. We will talk, stay with me for the night? I do not like waking up alone.”

“I’ll think about it.” He was just starting to wonder what a giant would ride, when they rounded the corner of the tavern and he saw...A golden dragon. Long and serpentine, it was saddled and reined like any other horse would be. It lifted its massive head towards Malikor and Arathin, and let out a brief huff, blasting the two of them with hot air.

“Yes, yes hello Misha. I bring a friend, so not too high tonight, yes?” He plopped Arathin on the saddle, and then climbed on himself, grabbing the reins and giving the massive beast a quick nudge with his hooves. Arathin wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but he instantly wrapped his arms around Malikor’s thick waist as the dragon immediately took off into the air, leaving a streak of gold behind it as it headed into the woods and over the trees.

“I thought you said not to go high!” Arathin stated, panicked and staring dead at the center of Malikor’s back. The paladin chuckled, kicking a tree branch.

“Is not high! Look, you can still reach the trees. Are you scared?” At that, the elf shoved him briefly, before panicking again and holding on tight.

“No! I was just... I was... NO.” He was forced to listen to the draenai’s laughter all the way to his camp. He easily landed the dragon, and didn’t even bother tying it up. He just dropped the reins, and started fussing with an already neatly made wood teepee for the fire. The dragon just flopped onto the ground not far away, huffing once before laying its massive head down. Arathin had to wait a bit for his legs to stop shaking, before he wandered up behind the paladin, stuffing a bit of tinder into the teepee.

“Don’t keep me waiting.” He cooed into his ear, intent on reclaiming the moment. The paladin grinned over at him brightly.

“You talk very big for someone so small.” He struck the flint, and blew gently on the spark, until the fire finally rose and began to crackle along the wood. After a moment, a cheerful campfire was started, and the paladin rose, giving a mighty stretch. “Ah, there. Nice and warm. Now-” He was caught mid sentence by the elf immediately grabbing his belt, and with one easy motion, undoing it and tossing it aside. Malikor blinked, and then smiled, rolling his eyes. “Yes yes. Too slow, I see.” He began to shed his armor, cape first, then slowly the torso. He undid the straps on the shoulders and arms, and then the heavy chest piece, letting each one slowly rest on the ground. Very slowly. With clear intent. Arathin was losing his patience.

“You know, I could have you naked by now.” Malikor just laughed again.

“You can help!” Well, if he could help then he would. He wasn’t kidding either, the elf quickly undid the straps for the codpiece and the legs, and let them fall where they may, clanking loudly onto the ground. Sure he still had pants on, but at least the armor wasn’t there anymore. And since the armor wasn’t there... Arathin promptly went and grabbed the draenai’s firm, rounded ass, getting a nice handful for each hand.

“Very nice... Hard to get a good look at this under all the armor.” As if he hadn’t even touched him, the bigger male turned his head a little to look over his shoulder, swatting him a bit with his thick tail.

“Looks nicer without pants.” He added helpfully, slipping off the cotton shirt he wore under the armor. Well, Arathin didn’t have to be told twice. He yanked those pants down in a heartbeat, and then wrapped his arms around Malikor’s waist. He was too short to grind against him properly, but he did reach between the giants legs and gave that thick, fat cock a squeeze. Wow... Okay no wow, what they said about draenai was not just a rumor, that was... that was very impressive. No wonder Malikor had laughed at him. As he was doing right now, reaching down to engulf Arathin’s hand with his and prompting him to stroke his massive shaft. “Is nice, yes? I do not think it would fit you. I like you, would hate to break you.” Arathin slipped his hand away from Malikor’s and went to get a handful of his sac, massaging the impressive thing gently.

“I’d hate to break you, big guy.” He answered back, before pushing on him a bit, fussing with his own belt. “I can’t reach you if you keep looming over me, you giant oaf.” The tone was playful, but even if it hadn’t been, Malikor still would have chuckled. The draenai trotted over to his bed roll, and then laid down on it, seating that fine ass on the ground and hiding it from Arathin. The elf pouted, casting aside his own pants. “On your stomach, jerk.” Malikor grinned.

“I can put my legs on your shoulders.”

“You’ll crush me to death between your thighs, I mean it.”

“I will not, I will be very gentle with my thighs. Like small newborn bird.”

“Look just get on your stomach, alright?” With another laugh, the paladin, turned onto his stomach, even going as far as to invitingly spread his legs and raise that goddamn perfect ass up, rasing his tail up and out of the way to give the elf perfect access to him.

“Oh be gentle?” He teased sweetly, resting his head on his chin and giving his rump a quick waggle. The elf snatched something up from his bundle of clothes and stomped over to the still laughing draenai. He was, of course, ever aware of the very big, very hard, very deadly shod and cloven hooves the paladin had. If he surprised him too much, he might not have a head after this. Malikor heard something pop, and then felt a cool, slick liquid being poured between his cheeks, Arathin pulling one aside and massaging the tight hole in there. And it was very, very tight. There was a brief huff from the paladin, not nearly as jovial now as the elf got comfortable behind him, his cock already starting to get hard with just the idea of being inside of that.

“You should have asked me to be gentle before those jokes, dick.” Arathin crooned tenderly, before slowly easing in two fingers. A bit much to start with such a tight hole, but Malikor kind of had it coming. The paladin jerked, tensing around those already quite filling fingers as he grunted, shifting his hips a little. He was about to say something, when those fingers found what they were looking for, and pressed in, dragging down and massaging. He yelped, jerking his hips back in surprise as a jolt shot straight to his length, and Arathin snickered, rubbing there deeply while reaching around and giving that already awakening cock a few good tugs. “Not so smart now, are you, big guy?”

“I was surprised! I was just surprised!” Malikor insisted loudly, his hips shaking a little as Arathin worked over his member, slowly thrusting his fingers in and out.

“Whatever helps you sleep. Think you can handle number three?” He pinched a rounded, pert cheek, and Malikor jerked again, having almost lost himself with just having two in. He’d be a coward if he said he wasn’t ready, but he honestly almost didn’t think he was ready for three. He huffed, just once, before lowering his chest to the ground, pressing back against Arathin’s hand.

“I am not afraid of fingers, Arathin.” He announced boldly. And thusly, he was rewarded with the ring finger being slowly pressed in. He couldn’t hold back the deep, rumbling moan as he was filled, Arathin snickering and massaging that one point deep inside Malikor.

“Wow, Mally, you look stuffed with just three in there... Going to be a tight fit for me.” Malikor’s breath hitched in anticipation, he actually felt his stomach flip at the mere mention of something bigger inside of him. Okay maybe it... was a mistake to make fun of the elf before. Maybe he shouldn’t have done that. He was a little too proud to apologize now though, letting out another deep moan as Arathin graced him with another few lubricated tugs to his now heavy and hard cock. “I think you might be ready for me though. We don’t have all night after all. Want something to bite, Mally?” That earned a gentle, brief kick to the knee cap from a shod hoof. No words for that, he couldn’t speak properly right now. Arathin just chuckled, and then moved forward, pressing the head of his length against the prepared hole. Oh this was going to be very tight, he’d have to be careful. He had no intention of tearing his new companion after all. Slowly, agonizingly slow, he began to ease inside, shivering and groaning as Malikor’s tight body flexed around him, only allowing him in a fraction by fraction. “You have to relax, Mal... I’m not going to hurt you.”

The paladin took a deep breath, hips shaking as each thick inch of Arathin’s cock pressed inside, stretching him to his limit slowly. It was the sweetest torture, feeling that hot member press against that spot and sending another jolt through his body. He was moaning and starting to pant now, spreading his legs wider in the desperate hope that he could somehow ease the entrance just a little more. Arathin massaged his hips and ass, cooing soft words of encouragement into his ear as he continued to pause and wait for the bigger male to adjust to him. Finally, at long last, he pressed himself fully against Malikor, seated to the hilt deep inside of him. So hot and tight, he could have gone off right then and there, but that would hardly be satisfying, would it? He let the draenei adjust to the feeling, massaging his hips lightly as the heavy breaths began to even out, the massive paladin slumping a little and giving a soft moan.

“Better?” Arathin asked sweetly, and Malikor nodded, taking a deep breath as if to say something. He wasn’t going to get far. CRACK. A firm hand suddenly slapped across his ass, and bright blue eyes widened and brightened as he jerked sharply, crying out in surprise. Arathin tugged his hips back, giving him a quick thrust before suddenly cracking his hand across that fine, rounded rump again. “I have to pay you back for making fun of me at the tavern. Rude, don’t you think?” The draenei tried to snarl back at him, but he was cut off by the now pistoning cock in him, hitting that spot again and again. Between the slap of his ass against Arathin’s thighs and the hard cracks of his hand across his back side, he could barely keep track of what was going on anymore. What was going to be an indignant roar turned into a submissive cry instead, the big, mighty paladin just offering his hips up into the spanking and the fucking without a second thought. Maybe he did have this coming, in the end. He had been a bit of a wise ass, hadn’t he? Firm flesh bounced pleasingly each time Arathin struck it, and he admired the way blue skin darkened to purple under his hand. He gently massaged one cheek, rubbing the dark purple blush deeply as Malikor helpfully jerked his hips back against him rhythmically. Arathin was getting his wish: The paladin shouted and cried out with each strike, arching his back and tightening around him, making each thrust all the sweeter.

“A-Ara-” English wasn’t going to work here. He wasn’t very good at it even while he could think straight. It devolved into straight Draenei, panting and babbling in that strange, elegant language. Begging. Straight up begging for more, he needed this, he wanted this. Oh he was so, so sorry for doubting him, he deserved this punishment. He was so, so sorry. Arathin was no master of the language, but he understood the general gist of it enough, laughing breathlessly as he fucked the bigger male without mercy, getting a good handful of one cheek and giving that ass a good squeeze.

“I told you I was going to make you scream. You’re squirming and begging me for more, just like I said!” It was getting harder to hold on, between Malikor’s cries and his tight, fucking perfect ass bouncing on his cock. The thick, impressive tail curled around Arathin’s waist, as if for comfort, and the elf took pity on his larger companion as he was hugged tightly by it. With a sigh, he caressed one darkened cheek, before reaching down and starting to work over his cock again, crooning gentle words into the giant’s pointed ear. “Just relax, Mal. Feels good doesn’t it? You’re doing great, you feel so good... So tight, I can barely take it. You’re perfect, just... absolutely perfect...” He was almost breathless, and the powerful tail wrapped around him coaxed him to press in deeper. He obliged, though his pace was starting to become a little erratic and harder to maintain. He wasn’t going to last much longer, but oh he wanted the pleasure of getting Malikor off first before he actually came. His strokes became faster, his thumb running over the head of his cock, before slipping back to play with that heavy sac, gently massaging it and rolling it in his hand. “C’mon, big guy. You can cum now... Nice and hard, lets see it.”

The paladin wasn’t about to argue, he jerked his hips into his hand twice, before crying out sharply. Seed spattered across his hand and the bedroll, and dimly Malikor reminded himself he’d have to grab the spare. He was in no mood right now to scrub the bedroll, he’d have to do that tomorrow.

Feeling that hot cum smear across his fingers, and feeling that tight hole suddenly tense around him, Arathin was free to hit his peak, slamming in deeply and releasing as far into Malikor as he could go. He let out a long, low moan, massaging the paladin’s hips before leaning forward to place a kiss at the center of his back. About as high up on the draenei as he could get, really.

“That was great... by the Light, Mal...” That had been an excellent lay. With a groan, the elf reeled himself back, and Malikor collapsed flat against the bedroll, dazed and sated. Now that... was impressive. He regretted making fun of the elf now, his ass was sore in so many different ways. He let out an appreciative rumble, before tugging on Arathin with that heavy tail, trying to tug him in closer.

“Come here. I asked you to not leave, stay with me and sleep, my friend.” He mumbled, rolling with a grunt onto his side. Arathin was a bit too weak legged and tired to actually abandon his nights entertainment anyway, and the elf complied, if slowly, crawling up beside the massive paladin. No way he could be the big spoon in this occasion, he found himself enveloped in the paladin’s arms, pressed against his powerful chest. “Very good... I underestimated you, small friend.” He rumbled with a tired chuckle, placing a kiss to the tip of Arathin’s ear. The elf just laughed breathlessly, squeezing the giant’s hand in his before twining his fingers around his.

“You’ll think twice before you laugh at small elves, huh?” He answered with a sigh, breathing in deeply to smell the scent of the larger male. Earthy and pleasant really. Already those glowing blue eyes were starting to drift closed, the draenei nuzzling the back of Arathin’s head.

“Three times I will think, yes.”

“Good... Goodnight, Mally.”

“Goodnight, small friend.”
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