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Player Information
*Name/Alias: Squid
*Your Journal: [personal profile] hailthenarc
*Age: 23
*Contact Information: AIM: Squiddlypeon
Plurk: Squiddly
*Characters already in the game: N/A

Character Information
*Character Name: Rabbit Walter
*Character Canon: Steam Powered Giraffe
*Age: 117, going on 10
*Race: Robot
*Timeline/Pull Point: After a long day of busking in San Diego. (No real episodes to pull him from)


*Personality: Rabbit is nuts. No really, he's nuts. After over a hundred years of functioning and refusing upgrades, he is certifiably off his rocker. He was always on the eccentric side but since the wars and all that living he's done, it's safe to say the copper 'bot has more than a few screws loose in that head of his. He can be a selfish, childish, impish brat who can and will make a mess of everything he touches just simply for the sake of doing it because why not? A little ego monster too, his head is pretty darn swollen, what with being the oldest of his brothers, Colonel Peter Walter's (Pappy) first robot, pretty talented in the singing and music making division and all around snappy dresser. None of that persona is usually faked, he honestly feels that proud about himself, and he loves to lord it over his siblings even if, as they put it, he's aged like a fine milk.

Rabbit really is a few cards shy of a deck though. He lives in extremes almost every second of his life, subtlety does not come easily to him. One moment he could be wonderously happy, flitting about the manor and making talk with everyone else and being generally content with life. The next, he's bored, and making everyone's life as inconvieniant as possible, whether it be tromping through the house at 1 AM with his accordion, drawing faces on The Jon, pranking The Spine or trying to eat the next door neighbors cat whole. He has a fantastically bad temper to go along with this, and can spiral into a crushing depression if he suspects they did poorly in a show or if his feelings are damaged badly enough. He can become quite moody at the drop of a hat, and may refuse to leave his room for days on end if he felt badly enough. Only to emerge from it a ball of energy all over again.

One simple way to see Rabbit angry though, is to either insult his Pappy or endanger his family. He loves his family more than anything, and he is willing to risk life and limb to make sure they are safe. He is, after all, the oldest, and therefore the man of the house. Protecting them is up to him. Though his weapons were locked away from him after the wars, he still possesses his flame thrower, and a blue matter laser lens array, which is put to use when he puts his goggles down. He dislikes combat as a whole though, and while he may talk tough and bluster his way around, he usually won't stoop to fighting unless absolutely necessary. He isn't in the business of hurting people anymore after all. Annoying them maybe, but not directly hurting. He still carries with him a great deal of guilt when his core was stolen from him and vaporized two people, mutating a third. Though he certainly couldn't help it, it haunts him to this day, and it is a considerable weight that he carries on his shoulders, along with the wars he was in.

What Rabbit does love to do is to make music. He is a sucker for love songs, and has written several (even if one of them was for a toaster). He falls in love quickly and deeply, and loves intensely from the first day. He even says it in one of his songs that he only just saw his love when he knew he loved her. He has a long list of lovers, consisting of a toaster, a blender, and one night stand, though he has fallen in love with a more sentient being before (and lost her, if Honeybee is of any indication). He is... ninty percent straight, with only the occasional exception, and will typically flirt with any pretty woman. Or attractive appliance. He is very easy to manipulate while he has his crush, a pretty face could convince him to do almost anything, while the flame is still burning. But he just as easily moves on to the next object of his affection. He has a lot of love to give, and shares it freely with the world at every given chance.

He's prone to the most malfunctions due to being the oldest robot with the oldest parts on him. He stutters constantly, and may spasm and twitch due to crossed wires. Still, he refuses to be upgraded, and will rarely sit down long enough for repairs, never replacements. It's even a fight to scrub the patina from his copper, as he thinks it looks 'cool'. Though it worries The Spine, he never lets that bother him too much. He considers himself a work of art the way Pappy made him, and prefers to remain just the way he is. The real final result is that he is pretty clumsy and slow, not that he cares about that very much, and cannot be convinced otherwise to change his stripes any time soon.

Rabbit is overall a well meaning 'bot, if glitchy and obnoxious. He has a big 'heart', so to speak, and though he often gets in way over his head and starts problems, he's genuinely a nice person who loves his family. Even if he likes to tease them constantly. Silly, but usually pretty charming.

*Powers/Abilities: Laser lens array: A blue matter laser located in his eye. Decommissioned. Capable of atomizing matter it comes in contact with.
Gatling Gun. Decommissioned
Collapsable buzzsaw. Decommissioned
Flamethower. NOT decommissioned.
Capable of lifting objects up to a ton.
Excellent singing voice, skilled in playing both the melodica and the accordion. He can dance a little bit.
*Inventory: The clothes on his back, his hat and goggles, and his accordion.

*Starting Polarity: No preference!

Writing Samples
*First Person Sample: Hey!

[Copper all up in the screen, the blue and green eyes actually conveying something other than either childish glee or soul crushing boredom today]

A-any o' you out there see The Spine? H-how about Th' Jon? A-a-anyone?

[He pauses for a moment]

They're real ha-hard ta miss, Spine an' Jon. E-even with all the robuts here. Ya p-payin' attention out there?

The Spine is ta-taller'n me, we-wears all black? He's silver? Got green eyes, huge boy scout, might be se-se-se-seen pickin' up girly books ta read? He cries when he reads 'em yanno.

An' The Jon! He's b-brass, got red suspenders an' a t-t-top hat! Curly wig! Blue eyes! Cute lil' f-f-fella, look out fer him if ya see him. He'll s-s-see you first, d-don't let him get underfoot! I mean it!

If any of ya s-see 'em, send 'em my way! They're family.

*Third Person Sample:
He was... lonely. And bored, but mostly lonely. Unused to being without his siblings (or his humans), Rabbit was left to wander an alien city all on his own, without a clue as to what to do with himself. Oh it wasn't hard to make new friends, he could make plenty of those, but... It just wasn't the same without The Spine around to harass or Hatchworth to give him sandwiches or Michael Reed or... He kicked a stone as he wandered down a random street, humming a soft, mournful tune.

He should have stayed indoors today, he thought glumly to himself. Maybe wrote a song... No, he couldn't write without the other boys around. It just wasn't the same at all. Who would he have to sing it to for the first time? Or to play the notes? All by himself? He was great and all but he wasn't anything without the others around, now was he? A family... That's what he was missing so sorely here. Not that he had ever taken his family for granted before but now their loss just stung all the more.

Another corner turn, the copper bot plodding down a slightly more populated street. He wasn't going to pretend to be happy. What would be the point of that? He was never good at hiding what he felt anyway, it would just be an exercise in futility. There were a lot of things to think about, to weigh him down now as he headed back towards where he was staying here. He almost didn't want to let go of the dark and dismal mood overcoming him now. It would almost feel good to collapse into a bed at home and stare at a wall for a few hours in perfect loneliness. Though it wasn't as if doing that would bring his family here any faster.

He had to find some way to cheer himself up, but even the prospect of playing music was somewhat depressing. It didn't sound right without other voices around to sing along... Other voices. He paused. Maybe he could convince other people here to sing with him? Just for one night! It wouldn't be forever or anything... His pace sped up a little bit. He'd have to get an instrument and ask around, but someone might want to play a few songs! There had to be a few other musicians out there! That poor mood was quickly being turned on its head at the very idea that he might have found a way to cheer himself up, already setting some pretty high expectations.

Look out, city, he was going to make a band.


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