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Grell is a Death God (shinigami) from the anime/manga series Kuroshitsuji. The first time he is seen, he appears to be nothing more than a very clumsy, suicidal butler, who threatens to kill himself every time he messes up in order to make up for being such a failure. Often portrayed as useless and worthless, his appearance as a human is even rather bland.

In reality, he is very flamboyant, and pansexual at that, becoming infatuated with both handsome and powerful men and women quite easily. When he exposes his real self, he is very over the top and theatrical, even reciting Romeo and Juliet on several occasions in the anime as he fights. While in his real form, Grells teeth are shark like, and his hair becomes a vibrant shade of red.

He is easily manipulated with promises of ‘alone time’ with those that he gets his crushes on, and though extremely powerful when wielding his death scythe (or, chainsaw, as he modified it to be), he’s overall a very emotional being. He takes offense easily, but can actually avoid using violence to solve all his problems. It’s only when he becomes very upset or insulted that he uses his weapon. When beaten, he seems to become submissive to the winner from there on.

Red is his favorite color, being both the color of his hair and his clothes, and when he fights, he speaks fondly of how nice the color looks, even painting the faces of the women he kills with their blood, saying that “he can even make ugly women pretty with red” 


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