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Character's Name: Midna
Series: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Timeline: Directly after the Goron Mines

Canon Resource Link:

Midna is highly judgmental. She looks down upon those she considers less than her, which is pretty much anyone who is not a part of the Twili tribe, and does not trust people easily. Any choice or decision that she doesn’t agree with is met with mockery, and when that decision leads to tragedy, it’s all met with a chorus of ‘I told you so’s’ and more teasing. She is also very, very demanding, wanting perfect obedience to what she orders from Link, knowing full well that as long as she withholds information from him, she’ll get what she needs. Undeniably stubborn, she’ll work at what she wants until she gets it, single minded to a fault, and refuses to surrender no matter what the cost may be. Which is why, of course, she is sealed into her imp-like body.

While calculating and often times even mean, Midna is never downright cruel, and usually withholds from lying outright, simply misleading those who she wants to fool. For example, referring to Zelda as the “Twilight Princess” to keep either Link or Zelda from guessing at her motives. She is rather viciously blunt, telling the ghostly elder of a newly thawed out Zora tribe that she “didn’t do it for her”.

True to her form, Midna has an impish sense of humor, and is terribly cynical and sarcastic. Her humor even delves into dark and right out black, poking fun at Link being the only person trapped outside of the spirit like existence that the rest of Hylia has been put over. “Wouldn’t it be better in a way to be one of them, never knowing how bad things are?” She seems to find Hyrules predicament laughable, mostly because their own princess decided to put her people into that situation, rather than fight to the last man.

Despite all this, Midna still has a code of honor, and a sense of duty to her people. As well, she softens for people who are sympathetic to her, and who are willing to assist her with what she needs. Those who are kind, intelligent and brave find a close ally with Midna. Including all this, she does not enjoy seeing people suffering when she knows she can help somehow. She went out of her way to thaw out the Zora, though it could be said that she did it to make the way to the Light Spirit at Lake Hylia accessible. She still showed honest worry for the Zora entombed in the ice.

Finally, she is self conscious about her body the way it is now. She used to be beautiful, after all. She prefers to hide in Links shadow while they are traveling, and stays hidden in the Twilight Realm, saying “Think of how my people will feel if they see their savior is a hideous little imp…” Midna prefers to work out of both the humans and the Twilis sight, though it’s said that she’s incapable of consorting with light dwellers.

What your character can offer:
Midna is a telepath. Her powers center around teleportation and telekinesis, along with flight and the ability to lift objects and teleport those across large expanses of space. She can store items in the Twilight for when she needs them, though without the Mirror of Twilight in function, she can’t return to the Twilight herself. She is also capable to melting into the shadows and literally hiding in them. Midna is also able to pass through walls. Her hair acts as a fifth appendage, becoming a hand when she needs it the most, and is imbued with a great deal of physical strength.
She’s quite clever, and is good at pointing things out and problem solving, though her emotions can often times get in the way of her reasoning.

What items will they be bringing with them?
Nothing but her big old massive helmet she wears.

Third-Person Sample:

First-Person Sample:
[The communicator clicks on. By the sound of the voice on the other end, the holder seems to be a little girl, the odd, echoing quality to it making it sound as if she is in a cave.]
Link. Link! Link, where are you?

I leave you alone for five seconds and you wander off. Do I have to buy a leash for you? By the Gods…
This doesn’t look like Hylia. It’s not a temple, and if it’s the Twili realm, I’m a reekfish.
And it’s freezing too. Ugh. Great.
May as well start trying to find that dog before he gets himself into trouble.


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